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Will, one of our instructors, demonstrating a throw

We are a member of the United States Aikido Federation under the direction of Yoshimitsu Yamada Sensei.

Pictured above is Will, one of our instructors, demonstrating a throw.

Our dojo is located at 152 Davis Street, behind the New England Fabrics building.


Six Saturdays 9:15AM-10:00 AM
Beginning February 3rd – Ending March 10th
Cost is $50

Kids' Aikido Class — breathing exercises

This Aikido for Kids class is for children, ages 7-11. And parents get to take class with their child for free!

About Aikido for Kids.

Aikido is a traditional Japanese Martial Art that is sometimes referred to as “The Art of Peace”. The founder once said,

“One does not need buildings, money, power, or status to practice the Art of Peace. Heaven is right where you are standing, and that is the place to train.”

Aikido is unique among martial arts in the way it seeks to blend with an oncoming force and resolve conflict without causing harm. The study of Aikido is fun and challenging and helps to cultivate and develop balance, flexibility, coordination, athletic timing, confidence and a deep sense of relaxation in action. Embedded within the study of Aikido are martial principles such as lowered center of gravity, balance, speed, timing, and calm under pressure. Although strikes exist in Aikido, we deemphasize their use in training. The idea is to place yourself in the best possible position to neutralize the attack safely and efficiently. One of the fun and exciting parts of Aikido practice is learning how to roll and fall. And I can tell you from experience that learning how to fall sure comes in handy! Of course, Aikido practice requires and places an emphasis on cooperation with and care for our training partners.

Our intention is to provide yearlong, ongoing classes, progressive instruction and a place for kids to train for the long periods of time necessary to attain excellence and proficiency in aikido. We also seek to make the class fun, interesting and challenging enough to keep the kids coming back for more. Why have we invited parents or guardians to join us on the mat? Because Aikido is fun and we think your kids will be delighted to have you there!

A few details:

  • Ages 7-11
  • The cost for the class is $50 per 6 week block.
  • If you miss the start of this block, you can still join in anytime.
  • Each additional sibling 1/2 Price. Parents or guardians are welcome to take class with us at no additional charge.
  • For more info, or to sign up, contact Bill Whyte at Billw@badgerbalm.com
  • You are welcome to stay at the dojo and watch. But if you plan to leave while your kids are at class, we need to be able to contact you by phone and you have to keep yourself available to return should we need you.
  • Please arrive 10 minutes early so your kids have time to get their stuff on and be ready for the start of class. Arrive on time to pick them up.
  • You can buy a nice, inexpensive karate cotton gi on line. We recommend Ki international but there are lots of places to get them.
    These are about $20 each depending upon size.
  • We work out on a clean canvass mat, so feet need to be clean. Watch out for kids (or parents) who run barefoot in the summer. Pay attention to hygiene and just like at school, leave sick children home to heal.
  • Parents are welcome to join us on the mat and take class at no additional charge. Hey try one class. You might love it!

Please RSVP to Bill Whyte at billw@badgerbalm.com / (603) 313-3226. Or call Monadnock Aikikai at (603) 357-2989.

JOIN US FOR A SEVEN-WEEK BEGINNER’S SESSION IN AIKIDO BEGINNING ON THURSDAY, JANUARY 11th, 2018 (Although it has already begun, we welcome new attendees!)

Thursdays 6-7 PM
Beginning January 11th – Ending February 22nd
Cost is $70

Although you can start Aikido anytime by joining in with our regular schedule of classes, Monadnock Aikikai offers quarterly 7-week Introductory sessions. These classes cover the basics, including Dojo etiquette, foot work, falling, locks and throws and technique development. All of this is blended with Aikido philosophy, history and lore. And of course, the degree of difficulty is matched to each new student’s experience and ability.

Intro classes are taught by our Black Belt instructors and we are joined by many of our experienced students who appreciate the opportunity to help newcomers while taking the time to refine their techniques and pay attention to detail.

Our next 7 Week session will begin on Thursday, January 11th and will continue for the next 6 Thursdays, ending on Thursday, February 22. Class times are 6-7 PM. We strongly recommend that you watch or take one free class on a regular class day before you sign up for the intro course.

If need to miss one or more of these Thursday Intro sessions, that’s OK too as we allow you to attend any of the other weekly classes to make up lost time.

The cost for the Seven week session is $70, and this fee also entitles you to attend any of the other weekly classes for the duration of the course. You can choose to purchase a new practice gi for $60, or you can wear loose, comfortable sports clothing. We often have extra practice gi’s that we can lend you for the duration of your studies.

Please email or call to let us know you'll be attending and to leave us your contact info. If you can, stop by before the Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday or Saturday regularly scheduled classes to register, and to see if we have a properly sized loaner gi (practice uniform) for you to practice in. Your own loose-fitting exercise clothes are okay to wear, too. Contact Bill Whyte at billw@badgerbalm.com / (603) 313-3226. Or call Monadnock Aikikai at (603) 357-2989.

Our Seven week intro courses are planned to occur in January-February, April-May, July-August and October-November, so you can plan ahead!

One of our junior students practicing a throw on one of our black-belt instructors

Pictured above is one of our junior students practicing a throw on one of our black-belt instructors.


Saturday, February 10th, 10 AM-12 PM & 2 PM-4 PM
At Monadnock Aikikai, 152 Davis Street, Keene NH

Aimee Bel Sensei Seminar at Monadnock Aikikai 2018

Bel Sensei is the Dojo Cho of Zenshinkan Dojo, Worcester Massachusetts. She began her Aikido training at Zenshinkan Dojo under Edward Haupt Sensei in 1996. Since his passing, she has trained under Damon Apodaca Sensei, James Nakayama Sensei, and  Robert Caron Sensei. Her teachers are Ed Germanov Sensei and  Mary Heiny Sensei.
In addition to Aikido, Bel Sensei is a student of Ikebana and meditation.

Cost: $15-$35 per class, $30-$70 for the day, Sliding Scale (you choose!)
To register for this course: https://moving-with-ease-and-integrity.eventbrite.com
or for more info please email Billw@badgerbalm.com or call 603-313-3226 or 603-357-2989

Download the Flyer


Beginners are always welcome!

Stop by to watch or to take a free class. 152 Davis Street (Behind the New England Fabrics building.)

We make a special effort to help beginning students feel welcome and to give them a sound foundation in Aikido basics. Learn more about what training at Monadnock Aikikai is like.


One of Aikido's greatest training benefits is that it cultivates the ability to respond in a calm, relaxed and powerful manner under pressure. This deepened 'martial' ability is transferable to daily life.

Come in and take your first class for free. Try aikido — see what it's like, and see if it's right for you.

Go to our Events page and join our e-mail list to receive news, schedule changes, and notices for any upcoming beginners' classes. Also check out our Monadnock Aikikai Facebook page and keep connected by clicking the "Like" button.

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